Science & Humanities

Doppler radar with moon

Doppler at Dusk

Doppler radar station with moon located outside of Exeter, Ontario. Natural lighting at dusk.

Sundogs over Canadian suburb

Sundogs over Canadian suburb

Sundogs over wintery Canadian suburb. Sundogs (parhelia) form when sunlight is refracted by ice crystals in the air. In this case, the ice crystals are lower in the sky and vertical sundogs are seen on either side of the sun. Outdoor temperature at location in Kitchener, Ontario was -20 degrees Celsius.

fossilized rock rich in crinoids


Fossilized rock rich in crinoids from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Studio lighting.

scathophagid fly

Scathophagid Fly

Dusty scathophagid fly on dry leaf. Studio lighting.

tomato hornworm caterpillar

Tomato Hornworm Caterpillar

Tomato hornworm caterpillars are full of color gradations and surprising textures. Studio lighting.

black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

Popular yellow perennial from an uncommon perspective. Off-camera flash.

ancient Greek bronze statue

Ancient Bronze Statue

Artemision bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon circa 460 BCE. Studio lighting.

ancient style pottery vessel


Ancient style pottery vessel. Studio lighting.

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