Mixed Media Art

I provide ongoing photography services for a local mixed media artist bringing focus to key elements of her detailed artwork.

Mixed media art incorporates many different media into one piece of art. These pieces often include acrylic and watercolor paints, photography, and various unique items.

glass frames on art

Glass Frames

Small framed glass elements on mixed media art. Studio lighting.

hanging heart

Hanging Heart

Detailed silver heart suspended within foil covered shadow box. Studio lighting.

flames and mirror

Flames and Copper

Vibrant painted flames with cut-out mirrors and copper swirls. Studio lighting.

cross pendant

Cross Pendant

Ornate jewelled cross within painted shadow box on larger mixed media artwork. Studio lighting.

cross pendant

Encaustic Art

This piece incorporates an antique watch face, old key, photos, paint and beeswax. Studio lighting.

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