BoldlyGo Institute
Logo Design

BoldlyGo Institute was founded to address highly compelling scientific questions through new approaches to developing space science missions while engaging the global community in the quest.

The founders approached Varve Studios to design a unique logo that incorporated various elements of the organization's vision and goals.

Rather than integrating overused cliche elements I strove to create a logo symbol that conveys both the planet we live on, our starting place if you will, and bold upwards movement. During my research and design phases I gained inspiration from many sources, both natural (space, Earth, motion) and man-made (monuments, aerospace).

The bottom arc in the logo symbol represents the curve of our world, Earth, the starting place of a bold journey.

The first upward form is colored blue to represent Earth, the second a deep red for Mars, and the last is black for the rest of the Universe. A small star field in the black portion further communicates the emphasis on space exploration. The right-side is a crisp, 90-degree angle, further moving the eye upwards while conveying a vertical component - essential to the beginning of any mission from our planet. The curving lines further move the eyes upwards, toward the points, or destinations of exploration.

BoldlyGo Institute logo on white BoldlyGo Institute logo on paper
Mark has been great to work with on our website development and logo design. He listens to our needs, delivers high-quality and timely prototypes to consider before finalizing a design, and takes care to balance technical and aesthetic qualities in his products.

Jon Morse
CEO, BoldlyGo Institute

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