BoldlyGo Enterprises
Logo Design

BoldlyGo Enterprises is a space exploration business that provides consulting services ranging from bid strategy, program formulation, technology development, mission design, proposal review, and program review.

This logo symbol incorporates many concepts including motion, Earth, Mars, and astrophysics.

The forms consist of bold strokes with tapered ends to convey both a point of origin (center) and outward momentum. The outward ends suggest motion towards multiple distant destinations. The forms also tie together into the shape of a galaxy - communicating expertise in everything from space telescopes to astrophysical research. This shape also is universally associated with space and familiar to the general public.

The colors were selected for two primary reasons. The blue to represent Earth and the red to represent Mars. They also represent redshift and blueshift (Doppler shift) further adding elements of motion.

BoldlyGo Enterprises logo on white BoldlyGo Enterprises logo on paper

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